Clare Williams

Clare draws on two decades of sales and marketing experience to create campaigns which don’t just sound good but get results. She has worked on multi-million-pound infrastructure contracts and uses the know-how she developed when beating sales targets to spot opportunities. She understands the sales process B2B companies go through and how people think when they are making a purchase decision.

While social media ads may be tech focused, Clare never loses sight of the people who are scrolling, searching, and trying to solve a problem. Everything starts with a strategy and Clare enjoys solving puzzles through data. She has no problem with a complex brief.

She masters new worlds quickly and is collaborative in her approach. Great ideas don’t happen in a vacuum and Clare works with creatives and strategists to master the finer detail of paid social campaigns. Her infectious energy inspires everyone around her.

Clare founded Loxley in 2015 and has built relationships with a trusted number of associates, as well as a wide network of marketing specialists. She works with several agencies on a regular basis. She has also learned from world leaders in their field including Facebook Ads strategist Emma Van Heusen and LinkedIn Ads expert AJ Wilcox.

When not analysing metrics, Clare loves to travel and go on adventures with her daughter. She’s also a big fan of Scandinavian drama, and espresso, especially in a martini.