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Clare Williams

Social Media and Ads Strategist

Clare is the Managing Director of Loxley and a Social Media Strategist with expertise in paid social . She’s passionate about the fact that people buy people and just because a business is selling B2B services, it doesn’t mean that it needs to be approached in a very corporate way. She loves bringing personality to a brand through effective, measurable social and then ensuring the right audience is reached with effective social ads. Twenty years working in corporate sales teams gives her a real commercial understanding of the environments small businesses work in and her slightly geeky passion for data means that results are measured, analysed and learned from. 

Outside of work Clare loves to travel, although her wanderlust is balanced somewhat by her 6 year old daughter! She’s also a big fan of Scandinavian drama, and espresso, especially in a martini.

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Lisa Doherty

Associate Social Media Manager

Lisa is an Associate Social Media Manager. Her background is in media sales, both client and agency side, with extensive experience in campaign and project management, winning a Media Week award. Her further training in social media management has allowed her to use these skills and work flexibly around her around her young family.

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Cathy Wassell

Associate Social Media Manager/ Facebook Ads Strategist

Cathy is an Associate Social Media Manager and Facebook Ads Strategist. She has over 20 years marketing experience and now specialises in social media marketing, strategy & training, notably in the not for profit sector. She is kept busy with her own blog, a busy Facebook group and the her two spaniels!

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Jenny Procter

Associate Marketing Strategist

Jenny is an Associate Marketing Strategist. She has over 20 years’ experience in a range of different industries. She also has an MBA from the Open University, CIPR membership and professional development and comprehensive social media training. She has a deep knowledge of marketing in a public sector context, as well as substantial experience working with owners of professional practice-based businesses.

Outside of work she is a fair weather Parkrunner, occasional yogi and sings in her village choir.

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Louisa Sherlock

Associate Copywriter

Louisa is a freelance journalist and copywriter. She was Features Director at Grazia Magazine before becoming freelance to allow her to gain more balance and flex work around her young family. She now writes for various magazines and websites about anything from parenting and health to engineering and interiors.

When she’s not writing, Louisa can often be found waving around a pair of glowsticks at her favourite Clubbercise class.

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Marie Evans

Associate Facebook Ads Strategist

Marie is an Associate Facebook Ads Strategist. She specialises in Facebook ads, and especially loves to build awesome funnels in the ecommerce space. After working for a number of Global media agencies, she decided to take her knowledge and experience and help small businesses with aspirations for growth compete with larger organisations.

If she weren’t a digital marketer, Marie would like to be a marine biologist studying Orcas. Marie’s favourite food is Chinese…crispy duck pancakes, lettuce wraps, ginger chicken and sake!

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Cat Davies

Associate Videographer

Cat is an Associate Social Videographer. She’s passionate about making videos that people start watching on social media platforms, keep watching and then share. She runs a community of 375+ budding videographers and helps them improve their video skills, as well as being a YouTuber. Her background as a Management Consultant means that she has a strategic approach to video creation. Cat understands the risks that businesses face when creating content for their social media channels, and helps businesses manage these risks and make video that works for both internal stakeholders and external eyeballs.

Cat loves flowers and regularly has 3 bunches on the go yet she hates gardening. She wishes she did like gardening as growing her own flowers would be cost efficient and better for the environment. To offset her floral profligacy, Cat is vegan.

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Elaine Smith

Associate Influencer Marketing Specialist

Elaine is an Associate Influencer Marketing Specialist. She has a background in communications, social media strategy and campaign management on both client and agency side. She is passionate about the power of influencer marketing, having managed several successful campaigns for a number of big brands and start-ups. She is also a family and lifestyle blogger, and has participated in influencer marketing campaigns from the other side, which has given her a unique insight into balancing the needs and challenges of both brands and influencers. 

For the five minutes a day when she isn’t working or running around after her 4-year-old son, Elaine likes to run, cycle or do some Pilates (or binge eat Maltesers in front of Netflix).

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