Our Strategy pack is for businesses who need help getting started on social media.  Everyone else is doing it, so you should be, right?  Loxley specialises in B2B services so we know that talking to your potential (and existing!) clients is different to trying to sell a pair of shoes on Facebook! 

We’ll take the work you’ve done around defined business objectives and your knowledge of your target audience and turn it into a social media strategy focused on driving sales (unless you have some other goal?).

This will usually take the form of a half day session to help refine your online audience, look at the types of content available to you, both that you create or have a preference for.  We then prepare an actionable report ready for you to execute from. There is no up-sell from us, we give you all the tools to get the job done…except time, we’re working on that one!

Some clients identify that they have everything they need to do this in house and some do come back to support but either way we’re happy.  Whatever you decide you are the proud owner of a social media strategy ready to help your business rock online.