Quick Start

If you’re already part of the way there with your social media strategy, you know where your customers are online but you just need some help getting your social network accounts up and running then we can provide support for this before you take it back in house.

We’ll set up and optimise your chosen platforms to reflect your company, brand and vision, making sure there’s consistency throughout.  Others may stop there, but not Loxley!  Social Media Managers have a wide variety of time saving tools, tips and tricks  that help make your time spent on social as supercharged as possible (Twitter lists  and Crowdfire anyone?).  We’ll help set you up on these too, based around your strategy and your client base and help you run your accounts for 2 weeks.  So whether it’s you or your in house team you can truly hit the ground running when you take back the reins! 


£950 (discounted if Loxley strategy taken less than 3 months before)