You’ve been running your social media channels for a while but want to know what could be improved.  Your business might have changed, or perhaps it’s not been achieving what you wanted it to, or maybe you’d just like a set of fresh, experienced eyes to sense check what you’ve been doing.

You don’t have time in your business to keep up with latest digital trends and research as you’re too busy making money, but also want to make sure that you’re keeping abreast of any changes and using social as effectively as you could be.

If this is you, we offer two levels of Healthcheck;

Top Level – We’ll speak to you about your business objectives and strategic plans as well as your competition.  We’ll also take a look at the networks you are currently on, assessing where you are in terms of best practice and give actionable recommendations you can put into place.

Deep Delve – Everything in ‘top level’ as well as a more granular look at your analytics and demographic information giving advanced recommendations.  You’ll get an industry expert giving you a fresh pair of eyes on the work you’re already doing and actionable output.


Top Level: £350 - Deep: £500