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Clare WilliamsFebruary 6, 2018

Don’t panic! Facebook changes in January 2018- and how your business can adapt

January 2018 has been a big month for Facebook updates. Our monthly reporting for retainer clients includes summaries of platform changes and recommendations, which are generally a line or two. However, three big algorithm changes this year so far means that there’s a whole blog post in it! There has been a lot written in […]
gluedJanuary 28, 2018

Why Curated Content should be part of your Social Media Strategy

It might sound contradictory to include sharing other people’s content as part of your strategy but it is one of the easiest ways to grow your audience, provide value and engage with other influential people. A study of over 500 leading marketers by Curata found that they were creating 65% of their content, using aggregated […]
gluedJanuary 21, 2018

What’s the best B2B Social Media Network?

If you’d asked this question 5 years ago the answer probably would have been unanimously LinkedIn, and 94% of B2B marketers do still use LinkedIn as part of their strategy. However, with changes in the way we all consume social media, advances and specialisations in the various platforms, the answer is no longer so straightforward. […]
gluedJanuary 21, 2018

It’s not about the Follower Numbers (well, kind of..)

One of the most easily available metrics on social media is follower or fan numbers and anyone investing their time and effort into social media marketing is rightly going to be focused on them. We’d argue that while numbers are important as you do want your community to grow, it really isn’t the be all […]
gluedJanuary 21, 2018

The thrills and spills of finding your ideal client…

We all want that, don’t we? Someone who values you, wants you around and wants you to be ‘happy*’? Of course we do, and I’m not talking life partner stuff but the ideal client/freelancer relationship. People buy people after all.Many freelance industries are crowded markets with a massive disparity of charging models. In Social Media, […]
gluedNovember 22, 2017

Put your customers first with this simple writing strategy

How often have you seen social media posts, articles, web pages or bid/ tender responses which focus on the experience or gravitas of the writer?Would you prefer to read…?‘WidgetMakers Ltd has been in business since 1997 and over this period has delivered over 200 successful projects. We propose the following solution for SmartTech.’ORSmartTech’s 2018 objective […]