About Loxley

Do you struggle with knowing how to sending the right message, to the right people at the right time in a fast changing digital world? Loxley are a Consultancy specialising in strategic social media and business development support.

We help businesses grow by connecting them with the right customers online, with the right message at the right time.

Founded in 2015 by Clare Williams, Loxley is a team of experienced sales and marketing specialists, working in a ‘mosaic’ way on projects. We work mainly for small businesses selling services into other businesses. This specialisation means we understand that their deals take place off line generally in a complex way with a long sales cycle.

If you’re this kind of business, it doesn’t mean social isn’t important to you, but it supports and promotes your purpose rather than directly generating sales, so needs to be approached as part of the wider picture. We extend your brand reach from your own website to the social media platforms your give your current and prospect customers are using and give social proof of who you are, what you do and what you stand for.

If your business doesn’t make sales online, you probably don’t have the justification for an inhouse digital marketer. However, your clients are a clever bunch, often making big decisions, and their professional reputation rests on those decisions. They will check out your digital profile to understand more about your brand and values- why you’re different and why they should trust you. Because your clients are intelligent, commercially focussed, benefit driven and current, your profile and activities need to reflect that.

Why us?

We come from a variety of backgrounds but all have extensive experience dealing with B2B industries and understand the specific challenges when your sales and relationships are done offline and over a long period of time- it’s very different to selling an iPhone case on Facebook.
 We’re not just experienced, we’re professionally trained, and as a team of specialists are able to keep up to date with the latest changes in digital marketing technology (we know our pixels from our chatbots!)

We all work flexibly, which means that we can tailor packages to what you really need- not just what skills are available at specific times. We also partner with trusted web development and branding partners.

 The key thing about Loxley is that we’re all experienced-there are no ‘senior’ or ‘junior’ roles. Our business model works having volume of clients like ‘you’ in the B2B area so we’re happy to take on large long- term projects but also welcome the small ones, which are managed in the same way. Whether you’re spending £300 or £1500 a month you’ll have someone with the same level of experience dealing with your business.  

Need any more? Just give us a call on 07931 295 126